Wonderland 2023
Plant Medicine Week 2022
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November 3-5th, Mana Wyndwood Miami, hosted Wonderland 2022 the largest-ever business gathering in the psychedelic medicine sector, presented by Microdose, the guide to the business of psychedelics.

Wonderland’s 2022 edition once again caught the attention of the psychedelic space, with over 2000 attendees through the doors in support from various industries and communities, world-class researchers, celebrities, and countless entrepreneurs, advocates and investors. Wonderland 2022 aimed to spark the next wave of innovations in mental health and celebrate the psychedelic community through technology, art and culture.  

More than 2000 attendees, 226 speakers, 127 sessions, 69 sponsors, activists and experts at leading clinical-stage drug development companies and government officials attended the 2022 Wonderland at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center, which kicked off on Thursday.

Notable Keynotes

  • Founder & Former CEO of GoDaddy and Founder & CEO of PXG Bob Parsons
  • Bioresearch Monitoring Specialist at the US Food and Drug Administration and US Public Health Service Commander Gene Gunn, MSPH
  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine  Kelley O’Donnell, MD, Ph.D
  • Chair of the advisory board of the NYU Center for Psychedelic Medicine Carey Turnbull
  • Assistant Professor; Medical Director at Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research Natalie Gukasyan, M.D
  • Mears & Jameson Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University Christopher Pittenger, MD, Ph.D
  • Chairman, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer at Seelos Therapeutics, Inc. Raj Mehra Ph.D
  • Chief Medical Officer and Head of Research & Development at Seelos Therapeutics, Inc. Tim Whitaker, MD

My role in the production was that of the events director with overall responsibility for the whole event leading the team across all disciplines, ensuring tactics are produced to manage the event program and budgets as well as resources. Interested in participating in 2023 event? Get in touch today!

''During our recent adventure to Microdose’s Wonderland festivities in Miami, we were hit with a mountain of data from another massive year in psychedelic science.’’

– Jimi Devine, Journalist, LA Weekly