Wonderland:Miami 2022
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Medical Cannabis World Forum and Microdose Psychedelics Insights collaborated on the Plant Medicine Week. The event took place April 5-8th, 2022 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Triq l-Isptar, Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1645, Malta.  A four-day conference brought together an incredible community of experts for a deep dive into the world of plant medicine.

Plant Medicine Week attendees have heard from Deborah Mash, PhD, CEO & Founder, DemeRx; Kelsey Ramsden, President & CEO, MINDCURE;  Kurt Farrugia, CEO, Malta Enterprise; Sita Schubert, Founder & Secretary General, European Medicinal Cannabis Association; Max Schmitt, Co Founder & Managing Director, Cannaflos; Justin Hanka, Co-Founder & Director, MindBio Therapeutics;  Jeff Callaway, Founder & CEO, High Ground Medica; Grace Blest-Hopley, Director of Research, Heroic Hearts UK; Chair, Microdose, Richard Skaife, The Conscious Fund; Marion Zammit, Chief Officer Investment Promotion, Malta Enterprise, Profs Lillian M. Azzopardi Professor for Pharmacy - Head Of Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta; Dr. Winston De La Haye, Senior Lecturer of Psychiatry, The University of the West Indies - Mona, Jamaica; Profs Seracino Inglott,  Chairman, Malta Medicine Authority; Chris Busutil, Chief Visionary Officer, Evolve; Clare Kennedy Purvis, Psy.D., Chief Product Officer, MINDCURE Health Inc.; Abhishek Mohan, Founder & Ceo, Hempstreet; Jan Hardorp, Partner & Co-Founder, re.Mind Capital; Anne Philippi, CEO, The New Health Club, Jeffrey Becker, MD, Chief Scientific Officer, Bexson Biomedical; Shayla Love, Senior Staff Writer, VICE among others. 

The multi-faceted event focused on 6 main pillars: medical, legislation, business, regulatory, education, and research of medical cannabis and psychedelic medicine.

Plant Medicine Week attendees have had opportunity to join the Exhibition and meet some of the world’s most innovative companies in the space: RSM, MindBio Therapeutics, High Ground Medica, PsyRx, Evolve, Imio Life, Stickit.

Key Highlights: 972k Organic Impressions | 720k Organic Reach | 10.3M Advertising Impressions | Attendance over the week 1300+ 

My role in the production was that of the events director with overall responsibility for the programming of psychedelic medicine portion of the event leading the team across all disciplines, ensuring tactics are produced to manage the event program and budgets as well as resources. Interested in participating in 2024 event? Get in touch today!