The Future of Eye Care – Friends of Moorfields 60th Anniversary Conference
Wonderland:Miami 2022
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Three conferences in one Wonderland! This event brought together psychedelic medicine, mental health, and longevity at the Ice Palace Film Studios, Miami, Nov 9-11th 2023.

The event featured a combination of cutting-edge research, mind-expanding workshops, immersive experiences, and networking opportunities. This year’s event welcomed 267 speakers, 126 female, 1 non binary, 140 male in 178 sessions, 2363 attendees (this number does not include sponsors, staff or speakers), 61 sponsors. 

Notable Keynotes

  • Bryan Johnson, Founder & CEO Blueprint, Kernel & OS Fund
  • Amy Reichelt, Chief Innovation Officer, PurMinds Neuropharma
  • Aubrey de Grey, President & Chief Science Officer, Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation
  • Dr. Cat Meyer, Psychotherapist. Author & Founder of SexLoveYoga
  • Dr. Bryan Henry, President, PsychMD


  • Dr. Deborah Mash, CEO & Founder, DemeRx
  • Charles Eisenstein, Author, Philosopher, Advisor to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof and the Biohacking Movement
  • Greg Bailey, Cofounder, Executive Chairman, Juvenescence
  • Dr. Halland Chen, MD
  • Jim Kwik, Founder of Kwik Brain, Brain Coach, NYT Best-selling Author
  • Dr. Julie Holland
  • Hamilton Morris

My role in the production of Wonderland 2023 was that of the event director with overall responsibility for planning and coordinating all aspects of events from conception to post-event wrap-ups. This included determining objectives, developing timelines, briefs, budgets, conference programming, and deciding on the event venue, vendors, food and beverage, audio-visual needs, vendor/supplier selection, negotiation and coordination, etc. It also involved overseeing the event budget including tracking income and expenses and ensuring fiscal responsibility. Interested in participating in 2024 event? Get in touch today!

''It was very clear that, once again, Wonderland has a diverse crowd.’’

– Jimi Devine, Journalist, LA Weekly