Wonderland 2023
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On Saturday, November 4th, 2023, the Friends of Moorfields hosted an exciting conference about the future of eye care, aimed at patients and their families and carers. This event featured presentations and a discussion panel from experts at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Attendees learned about:

Cutting-edge research in ophthalmology
Innovations in data-driven eye care
What the future holds for vision care
The conference took place at the King's Fund in central London, just a short walk from Oxford Circus station.

The conference agenda spanned a full day of presentations and discussions from Moorfields Eye Hospital experts and leadership on innovative topics driving improvements in eye care. Sessions covered advancements in digital medicine, research, data utilization, national eye care perspectives, virtual reality applications, volunteerism, patient support services, patient experience enhancements, art therapy integrations, and future outlooks. The agenda also allowed attendees extended lunch interaction with interactive showcases of new hospital projects and technologies aimed at better serving patients.

Confirmed Speakers/Facilitators:

  • Peter Thomas PhD FRCOphth FFCI
    Consultant Ophthalmologist
    CCIO and Director of Digital Medicine, Moorfields Eye Hospital.
    Clinical Lead (Digital), National Eyecare Recovery and Transformation
    Programme (NHSD)

  • Nicola Dunlop
    Oculoplastic Nurse Consultant

  • Parul Desai
    Consultant in Public Health and Ophthalmology

  • Louisa Wickham,
    Consultant Ophthalmologist
    Medical Director at Moorfields Eye Hospital
    NHS England National Clinical Director for Eye Care


  • Victoria Moore
    Associate Director of Excellence Delivery at Moorfields Eye Hospital

  • Angela Smith
    Chief Executive, Friends of Moorfields

  • Natalia Tomashpolskaya
    Volunteer Service Manager, Friends of Moorfields

  • Raja Das‐Bhaumik
    Consultant Ophthalmologist, and Chair of Moorfields Arts and Heritage

  • Dr Martin Kuper
    Chief Executive, Moorfields Eye Hospital

  • Tim Hutchings
    Chair, Friends of Moorfields

  • Sheila Adam
    Chief nurse & director of allied health professionals
    Director of infection, prevention & control, Moorfields Eye Hospital

  • Ian Tombleson
    Director of Quality and Safety

  • Chris Telesford
    Patient Safety Partner
    GB Paralympic Taekwondo Gold Medallist

  • Baroness Cumberlege
    Former Health Minister and Friends’ Patron 

  • As the event coordinator for this event, I have worked closely with the Friends of Moorfields team. My role encompassed all planning and logistics, including developing timelines and schedules, budget tracking, venue and vendor coordination, on-site operations, exhibitor sales and coordination, registration - utilising my strong project management, communication, detail-orientation, hospitality, and multitasking skills to ensure the conference is efficiently executed from conception through post-event analysis and achieves the goals and objectives for all stakeholders involved.

''The Future of Eye Care" hosted by the Friends of Moorfields was truly worthwhile from an exhibitor's perspective! Our stand was a hotspot, buzzing with activity as we distributed samples, engaged with attendees, and delved into patient experiences with Dry Eye. It was gratifying to be part of finding solutions to improve their ocular health.

Everyone attending was eager to soak up as much knowledge as possible, and it was genuinely cool to hear how our products make a meaningful difference in their everyday lives. Distributing samples felt like crafting personalized eye care packages, and patients were excited to try them, expressing happiness and willingness to purchase or obtain if they found a benefit.

Leaving the event, I carried a sense of reward, knowing I've played a part in helping patients with their conditions. A truly fulfilling experience!”

– Alex King | Business Development Manager | Scope Scope