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ECE London 2019 welcomed over 3500 attendees from Government officials, global CBD and medical cannabis brands, retailers, solution providers, agencies, entrepreneurs, consumers, investors, start-ups and media outlets.

Everyone was encouraged to immerse themselves in the conference, exhibition and showcases packed full of exciting content. Over the 2 days we also heard from over 40+ speakers and hosted over 80 exhibitors.

The inaugural event in 2019 gave patients a platform to voice their frustrations about the lack of access to medical cannabis and to engage with industry experts. The event has helped to provide legitimacy to the industry which has helped regulatory reform for the benefit of consumers, businesses and investors. The event has highlighted that Cannabis is now a serious and legitimate business that we can no longer hide from, inspiring entrepreneurs from all fields.

ECE events are designed to be accessible to everyone, from big businesses to patients and clinicians, to whom we provide detailed information from the world’s leading experts. ECE aims to change people’s perception of the plant and make it readily available to all. This applies to policymakers, press and industry representatives down to individuals and their families that can benefit from an open discussion of the latest clinical research.

My role included creation and implementation of marketing strategy for the event, inclusive of social media strategy, content, advertising, media and affiliate partnerships,and email marketing. I've worked closely with the sales, graphics teams.

''...where there’s money, there are business conferences, which is why, last month, London hosted Europe CBD Expo, the UK’s first of its kind, with more than 80 exhibitors. Here's a bit of what it looked like...''

- Niloufar Haidari, Journalist, VICE