How can businesses capitalise on Halloween

If you run a small business and want to launch some fun and interesting Halloween-inspired marketing campaigns, read on for three ways your businesses can capitalise on Halloween.

Bring Trick or Treating to Instagram

To engage your customers with a special treat when they visit your Instagram page prior to the Halloween, customise your design with a click and point Trick or Treat Halloween game. A point-and-click game – is simply a game where players click on photos on your Instagram and tap the tags that pop up on each photo to be transported to a new space/image/challenge. Work your brand or a product story and implement secrets, collectibles, tricks and mini-games to find, each played out by tapping photos on Instagram. Stay on your brand, but do add spooky effects. One of the best examples is Rick and Morty’s Rickstaverse.

Immersive Entertainment

Team up with an escape room to offer your customer Halloween themed immersive escape room experience. If you dare, go all in and successfully scare, disrupt and also delight your customers by creating bespoke escape room experience where your brand is worked into the fabric of the game. Many escape rooms offer bespoke experiences as an additional service.

Engage Local Community and Businesses

If you happen to have a brick and mortar business and be lucky enough to have wonderful community of other local business owners, why not team up and organise trick-or-treating map for customers and collectively promote. As an example you can challenge your customers to follow the map and decipher a trick at each of the stops. This will not only help you increase engagement but also help you reach new audiences and cross promote your products/services.

Which of the three ideas you like the most? How can you put them into action today? Leave a comment here and let me know.