A Day in a Life of a Freelance Publicist through Tools

What a day in a life of a freelance publicist looks like

I’ve been asked many times about what daily routines of a Freelance Publicist look like, tools I use and personal habits, how do I stay focused while working from home etc. Hopefully, this post will give you a better idea of what a day in a life of a freelance publicist looks like.

I am an avid non-fiction reader. My day starts at 04:00 am by reading for an hour before I get out of the bed. This sets me up for a good start as I’ve already learned something new I already feel that the day isn’t wasted. Also, it comes with the territory. Part of my job is to be widely read and up to date on diverse subjects across behavioural economics, psychology, marketing, social media etc., to stay on top of my game creating and executing excellent PR and marketing strategies for my clients.

As there are so many books out there to choose from, I rely on Blinkist. An app which allows you to read the key lessons from a book in 15 min or so from a choice of over 2000 non-fiction books. Based on that I decide if I’ll read the whole book or just stay with summary. I love this app for the commute as well thanks to its audio-book feature. You cansign up for a free trial hereto Blinkist any time.

Books on PR, marketing, psychology

After I’ve had my espresso dose of knowledge, I open up my Kindle Unlimited app and read books on PR, marketing, psychology for 45 minutes. My latest favourites are:

The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers

The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Stoic Philosophy as Rational and Cognitive Psychotherapy

Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts

Satisfied mind, needs body to get its work out. I’m not fond of gyms or fitness classes, so I exercise at home by watching one of many YouTube videos. I only do 10-15 full intensity whole body workouts for toning.

Right after that I pop in a Dead Sea salt bath for half an hour, do the standard hygiene beauty routine as you do, and then have my lemon, honey, ginger drink.

By this time it’s around 6:30 am and I’m ready to start on my to-do list which can vary quite a lot depending on the time of the year, clients and projects.

My working day usually starts with me pitching to the press, organising copy, briefing my copywriter, planning, researching, getting new clients…

Email productivity

I can’t bear making pitches without knowing if my emails have been read, attachments opened and links are clicked. Thanks to the smart guys and gals over at the MailButler.io, I can now track email opening and reply rates, link clicks, attachment openings and presentation page views. It’s all valuable information that helps me identify the best possible message for every step of the pitching process.

As a publicist you need to be able to keep to the deadlines, multiple client accounts, press, pitches, ideas and events etc. at any given time. I use Evernote to help me capture, organise, and share notes from anywhere. I don’t need to remember everything, just pull the information out of the folders. Best of all notes are synced between all my devices.

Media databases, journalist’s request service subscription, press cuttings,

To help me stay on top of all my media contacts and journalists requests I currently use Response Source.

At around 2pm I leave my office and head off to either meet a client or a member of a press over a lunch – usually at one of the private members clubs in central or East London.

After the meetings I typically attend a networking event or meet a friend for a dinner.

Once the work and meetings are done…

I love what I do, so PR and marketing does not feel like work for me and I can go on for hours and hours. I don’t like writing reports so much but thankfully, Gary Preston, founder of Coverage Book has invented the Best PR Tool Ever for this! Any serious publicist who values its own time should invest in using coveragebook.com. Not only does it save time by pulling together all the screenshots, metrics and helping you produce reports in a nicely presented coverage book, it allows you to understand the metrics better and shows you how your online coverage has performed for you. It’s super useful.

Manners maketh PR

Every time coverage for a client gets published, I send a thank you bouquet or a gift to the journalist or encourage a clients to do so. It’s the little things that matter and go a long way in building critical relationships. For London publications I use Floom.com. Floom helps you send stunning flowers by local independent florists. Visit this link for a free delivery. For my contacts outside of London contacts I usually create a more tailored gift or use a local florists.


I’m in bed by 11pm (if events or dinners don’t finish too late) and I will usually unwind with Netflix for 20 minutes or just fall asleep as soon as I close my eyes.

That’s the most average day in my life. If a client has an event or we are working on an influencers activation day it can vary a bit, but the first two hours of the day are non-negotiable.

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